Rajeev Sharma, MD, FACS
Assistant Clinical Professor, Surgery-Transplant

  • McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Program, Transplant Surgery (2012)
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pediatric Transplant Surgery (2013)
  • Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester Program, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Transplant Surgery (2009)
Department: Surgery-Transplant


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Specialty Information

  • American Society of Transplant Surgeons certification in Kidney, Liver and Pancreas Transplant Surgery, Specialized Training (2012)
  • Diplomate of National Board in General Surgery (awarded by National Board of Medical Examiners, New Delhi, India), Board Certification (2007)
  • Senior Residency in Surgical Oncology (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India), Specialized Training (2007)
  • Master of Surgery (M.S.) in General Surgery (University of Rajasthan, India), Other (2003)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) - University of Rajasthan, India, Other (2000)

General Information

  • McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Program, Transplant Surgery (2012)
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pediatric Transplant Surgery (2013)
  • Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester Program, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Transplant Surgery (2009)
Department: Surgery-Transplant
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