Lisa Meeks, PhD, MA, BA
Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

Graduate Schools :
  • MA, University of Alabama - Huntsville
  • PhD, Cleveland State University
Undergraduate School:
  • BS, University of Central Florida (FL)
  • University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers Program, Family Medicine
Languages: English, French
Department: Psychiatry

Professional Titles

  • Director of the office for Disability, Access and Inclusion
  • Director, SUMMIT Program for Disability Inclusion in Health Professions Education
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Psychiatry
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Family Medicine


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Professional Memberships

  • Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education, President
  • Association of American Medical Colleges, Member
Personal Interests
Dr. Meeks enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with her two children, and her adorable grandson.

Public Speaking
Disability as Diversity; Improving access to medical education for learners with disabilities; Medical student and resident well-being; Performance and trajectory of learners with disabilities; Workforce Diversity of the Healthcare Workforce

General Information

Graduate Schools:
  • MA, University of Alabama - Huntsville (0001)
  • PhD, Cleveland State University (0001)
Undergraduate Schools:
  • BS, University of Central Florida (FL) (0001)
  • University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers Program, Family Medicine (0001)
Languages: English, French
Department: Psychiatry
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