Nicole Wagner, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Internal Medicine

Research Interests

My research focuses on the development and adaptation of effective interventions to reach underserved populations engaging in substance use. I am developing strategies to optimally adapt evidence-based programs to fit the contextual needs and priorities where they will be implemented, in a way that fosters sustainable program delivery and successful health outcomes.


  • Wagner NM, Kempe A, Barnard JG, Rinehart DJ, Havranek EP, Glasgow RE, Blum J, Morris, MA. Qualitative exploration of public health vending machines in young adults who misuse opioids: A promising strategy to increase naloxone access in a high risk underserved population. Drug and Alcohol Dependence reports. 2022: 100094.
  • Binswanger IA, Rinehart D, Mueller SR, Narwaney KJ, Stowell M, Wagner N, Xu S, Hanratty R, Blum J, McVaney K, Glanz JM. Naloxone Co-Dispensing with Opioids: a Cluster Randomized Pragmatic Trial. J Gen Intern Med. 2022 Aug;37(11):2624-2633. PubMed PMID: 35132556
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