Moumita Ghosh, PhD
Associate Professor, Medicine-Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care


  • Int J Cancer. 2022 Dec 15;151(12):2195-2205.
  • Chest. 2022 Sep;162(3):556-568.
  • 1 Cite Share Impact of Proactive Integrated Care on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Koff PB, Min SJ, Freitag TJ, Diaz DLP, James SS, Voelkel NF, Linderman DJ, Diaz Del Valle F, Zakrajsek JK, Albert RK, Bull TM, Beck A, Stelzner TJ, Ritzwoller DP, Kveton CM, Carwin S, Ghosh M, Keith RL, Westfall JM, Vandivier RW. Chronic Obstr Pulm Dis. 2021 Jan;8(1).
  • Balanced Wnt/Dickkopf-1 signaling by mesenchymal vascular progenitor cells in the microvascular niche maintains distal lung structure and function Megan E Summers 1 , Bradley W Richmond 2 3 , Jonathan A Kropski 2 3 , Sarah A Majka 1 , Julie A Bastarache 2 3 , Antonis K Hatzopoulos 2 3 , Jeffery Bylund 2 3 , Moumita Ghosh 1 , Irina Petrache 1 , Robert F Foronjy 4 , Patrick Geraghty 4 , Susan M Majka Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2021 Jan 1;320(1):C119-C131
  • Repeated Injury Promotes Tissue Stem Cell Attrition, Abstract accepted for Poster Presentation. Moumita Ghosh and Susan D Reynolds
  • Defects in Host Repair and Defense Set the Stage for the Evolution of Lung Cancer, Abstract accepted in ATS Moumita Ghosh, Robert L Keith, Daniel T Merrick, Jihye Kim, Hyunmin Kim, James DeGregori and York E Miller
  • TETRASPANIN CD151 MAINTAINS EPITHELIAL INTEGRITY BY MODULATING SELF-RENEWAL AND DIFFERENTIATION OF AIRWAY STEM/PROGENITOR CELLS Kiana Alavi*1, Alyx E Gray1, Alexis S Assante1, Jennifer B Kwon1, Daniel T Merrick2, Robert L Keith3,4, York E Miller3,4, Kelly Schweitzer1, Irina Petrache1, Arnoud Sonnenberg5 and Moumita Ghosh1 Accepted for poster presentation in Aspen Lung Conference
  • ILOPROST MEDIATED REPAIR OF THE AIRWAY EPITHELIUM AND IL17 SIGNALING: SYNERGISTIC OR ANTAGONISTIC? Keegan A Kincaid*1, Jihye Kim2, Alyx E Gray1, Daniel T Merrick3, Robert L. Keith4,5, York E. Miller4,5 and Moumita Ghosh1 Accepted for Poster presentation in Aspen Lung Conference
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Department: Medicine-Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care
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