Melike Sirlanci Tuysuzoglu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics

Department: Biomedical Informatics


  • Sirlanci M, Levine ME, Low Wang CC, Albers DJ, Stuart AM. A simple modeling framework for prediction in the human glucose-insulin system. Chaos. 2023 Jul 1;33(7):073150. doi: 10.1063/5.0146808. PMID: 37486667; PMCID: PMC10368459.
  • Albers D, Sirlanci M, Levine M, Claassen J, Nigoghossian C, Hripcsak G. Interpretable physiological forecasting in the ICU using constrained data assimilation and electronic health record data. J Biomed Inform. 2023 Sep;145:104477. doi: 10.1016/j.jbi.2023.104477. Epub 2023 Aug 20. PMID: 37604272.
  • David Albers, Melike Sirlanci, Matthew Levine, George Hripcsak, Jan Claassen, Caroline Der Nigoghossian. Interpretable Forecasting of Physiology in the ICU Using Constrained Data Assimilation and Electronic Health Record Data. 2021. Submitted to the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.
  • Melike Sirlanci, George Hripcsak, David Albers. Using Mechanistic Modeling to Control Blood Glucose Level in the ICU. 2021. SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems
  • Melike Sirlanci, David J. Albers, George Hripcsak. Data Assimilation for Personalized Treatment Strategies. 2021. SIAM News Online.
  • Kryshchenko A, Sirlanci M, Vader B. Nonparametric Estimation of Blood Alcohol Concentration from Transdermal Alcohol Measurements Using Alcohol Biosensor Devices. In Advances in Data Science 2021 (pp. 329-360). Springer, Cham.
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Department: Biomedical Informatics
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