Jason Christie, PhD
Associate Professor, Physiology & Biophysics


  • Bonnan, A., Rowan, M.J.R., Baker, C.A., Bolton, M.M., and Christie, J.M. (2021). Autonomous Purkinje cell activation instructs bidirectional motor learning through evoked dendritic calcium signaling. Nature Comm. 12:2153.
  • Jerez, D., Stuart, E., Schmitt, K., Guerrero-Given, D., Christie, J.M., Kamasawa, N., Smirnov, M.S. (2021). A deep learning approach to identifying immunogold particles in electron microscopy images. Scientific Reports. 11:7771.
  • Gaffield, M.A., Bonnan, A., and Christie, J.M. (2019). Conversion of graded presynaptic climbing fiber activity into graded postsynaptic Ca2+ signals by Purkinje cell dendrites. Neuron. 102:762-769.
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  • Gaffield, M.A., Rowan, M.J.M., Amat, A.B., Hirai, H., and Christie, J.M. (2018). Inhibition gates supralinear Ca2+ signaling in Purkinje cell dendrites during practiced movements. eLife. 7:e36246.
  • Michaelson, S.D., Ozkan, E.D., Aceti, M., Maity, S., Llamosas, N., Weldon, M., Mizrachi, E., Vaissiere, T., Gaffield, M.A., Christie, J.M., Holder, J.L., Miller, C.A., Rumbaugh, G. (2018). The intellectual disability and autism gene SYNGAP1 regulates touch-related circuit function and behavior. Nature Neurosci. 21: 1704-1716.
  • Rowan, M.J.M. and Christie, J.M. (2017). State-dependent alteration in Kv3 channel availability drives flexible synaptic signaling dependent on somatic subthreshold depolarization. Cell Reports. 18:2018-2029.
  • Gaffield, M.A. and Christie, J.M. (2017). Movement rate is encoded and influenced by widespread, coherent activity of molecular layer interneurons in the cerebellum. J. Neurosci. 37:4751-4765.
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  • Rowan, M.J.M., Tranquil, E., and Christie, J.M. (2014). Distinct Kv channel subtypes uncouple spike signaling in the axonal initial segment and presynaptic boutons of cerebellar interneurons. J. Neurosci. 34: 6611-6623.
  • Gaffield, M.A. and Christie, J.M. (2021). The cerebellum encodes and influences the initiation and termination of discontinuous movements. In revision, eLife (BioRxiv: 449622).
  • Wu, W-C., Bradley, S.P., Christie, J.M., and Pugh, J.R. (2021). Mechanisms and consequences of cerebellar Purkinje cell disinhibition in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In revision, J. Neurosci.
  • Bonnan, A., Bradley, S.P., Zhang, K., and Christie, J.M. (2021) Cerebellar motor-memory expression requires learned alterations to the activity of inhibitory molecular layer interneurons. In review, eLife.
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