Lauren Hughes, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Family Medicine

Department: Family Medicine


  • Rural health care is in crisis – here are 5 innovative ways Biden can help it transform.
  • Colorado's primary care practices are fragile and at risk of collapse.
  • COVID-19 vaccines: Rural Colorado primary care practices are primed and ready to help.
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  • Hughes L, McKenney J. "Rural hospitals are under siege from COVID-19 - here's what doctors are facing, in their own words." The Conversation. November 20, 2020.
  • Hughes L, Silva R. "In rural America, resentment over COVID-19 shutdowns is colliding with rising case numbers." The Conversation. October 26, 2020.
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  • Rural Health Care Leadership Conundrum: The Burnout of a Good Doctor. Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care: Primary Care Systems Case Collection.
  • Rural Health Care Leadership Conundrum: Navigating Vaccination Challenges in an Iowa Community. Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care: Primary Care Systems Case Collection.
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Department: Family Medicine
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