Andrey Soares, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Internal Medicine


  • Soares A, Khamesipour A, Davis JM. A Comparison of Recommendations from a Computer-Based Decision System and Tobacco Treatment Specialists: Insights and Lessons Learned. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2022 Jun 6;290:1006-1007. PubMed PMID: 35673178
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  • Soares, A., Morse, B., Holliman, B.D., Desanto, K., Allen, M., Kwan, B., and Schilling, L. (2020). Exploring Twitter chatter for transgender health information Tweets. Public Health in the Rockies Virtual Meeting. August 26.
  • Alper BS, Dehnbostel J, Robinson K, Subbian V, Afzal M, Soares A, Kunnamo I, Shahin K, Duteau M, Lehmann H, Fedorowicz Z, McClure R, Thabane L. For the COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (COKA) Initiative. Code System Development Protocol. Open Science Framework (OSF). Created September 1, 2020. Last revised September 17, 2020. Available at
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  • Soares, A., Schilling, L., Alper, B., (2020) Interoperable and Computable Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) on FHIR. International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM). Virtual. December 3-5.
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