Lori Silveira, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics-Endocrinology


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  • Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2020 Meeting Peripheral Vasopressor Administration in Critically Ill Children with Shock Robert Levy, MD1, Matthew Spear, MPH2, Alison Santana, MD3, Lori Silveira, PhD4, Pamela D. Reiter, PharmD, BCCCP5, Shaina Cox, CPNP6, Peter M. Mourani, MD7, Aline B. Maddux, MD, MSCS
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  • Ehrmann DE, , Leopold DK, Campbell K , Silveira L, Gist KM, Phillips R, Shahi, Moulton SL, Kim JS, Lessons learned from the first pilot study of the compensatory reserve index after congenital heart surgery requiring cardiopulmonary bypass. In press
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  • AEPC 2020 Suzanne Osorio Lujan1 , Vidya R. Raghavan2, Ryan Oakes1, Lori Silveira, Jonathan Kaufman1, Eduardo da Cruz1.Retrospective evaluation of the effects of arginine vasopressin in the postoperative management of patients with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
  • Western Orthopedics Association 2020 Tyler Tetreault MD, Amrita Chager BA, Lori J Silveira PhD, Christina E Howell BS, Julia S Sanders MD.Seasonal Trends in Operative Pediatric Supracondylar and Femur Fractures at a Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center.
  • ID week 2020 Children and COVID-19 in Colorado: The Children’s Hospital Colorado Experience, Kelly E. Graff, MD, Lori Silveira, PhD, Jane Jarjour, MD, Shane Curran-Hays, MS,Lauren Carpenter, Kasey Picard, Michael Mantuicci, MD, Christiana Smith-Anderson, MD, MSc, Lisa Abuogi, MD, MSc. Oral Presentation
  • Combined Oral Contraceptive Treatment Does Not Alter the Gut Microbiome or Serum Metabolomic Profile in Obese Girls with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Beza Jobira, Daniel N. Frank, Lori J. Silveira, Yesenia Garcia-Reyes, Charles E. Robertson, Diana Ir, Keisha L Alexander, Angelo D’Alessandro, Kristen J. Nadeau, and Melanie Cree-Green ENDO 2021
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