Liesl Nel-Themaat, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor, OB-GYN-Advanced Repro Med

Department: OB-GYN-Advanced Repro Med


  • Johnson, J., Sam, P.K., Rengasamy, A., Perez, L., Llerena Cari, E., Bales, C.E., Kallen, A., Nel-Themaat, L., Polotsky, A.J., Post, M., Orlicky, D., Jordan, K., Bitler, B. Expression and T-cell Regulatory Action of the PD-1 Immune Checkpoint in the Ovary and Fallopian Tube. Manuscript submitted for publication; preprint available at bioRxiv, DOI: 138123, 2020.

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Department: OB-GYN-Advanced Repro Med
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