Lisa Spencer, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition


  • Menard-Katcher C, Liu C, Galbraith MD, Benson T, Burger C, Dobias D, Larsen L, O'Brien C, Spencer LA, Furuta GT, Masterson JC. Fibrostenotic Eosinophilic Esophagitis phenotype is defined by a proliferative gene signature. Allergy. 2022 Oct 22. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 36273270
  • Larsen LD, Dockstader K, Olbrich CL, Cartwright IM, Spencer LA. Modulation of surface CD11c expression tracks plasticity in murine intestinal tissue eosinophils. J Leukoc Biol. 2022 May;111(5):943-952. PubMed PMID: 35141942
  • Quinn L, Nguyen B, Menard-Katcher C, Spencer L. IgG4 cells are increased in the gastrointestinal tissue of pediatric patients with active eosinophilic gastritis and duodenitis and decrease in remission. Dig Liver Dis. 2022 Sep 2. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 36064648
  • Masterson JC, Menard-Katcher C, Larsen LD, Furuta GT, Spencer LA. Heterogeneity of Intestinal Tissue Eosinophils: Potential Considerations for Next-Generation Eosinophil-Targeting Strategies. Cells. 2021 Feb 17;10(2). PubMed PMID: 33671475
  • Olbrich CL, Larsen LD, Spencer LA. Assessing Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Intestinal Tissue Eosinophils. Methods Mol Biol. 2021;2241:243-255. PubMed PMID: 33486741
  • Olbrich CL, Bivas-Benita M, Xenakis JJ, Maldonado S, Cornwell E, Fink J, Yuan Q, Gill N, Mansfield R, Dockstader K, Spencer LA. Remote allergen exposure elicits eosinophil infiltration into allergen nonexposed mucosal organs and primes for allergic inflammation. Mucosal Immunol. 2020 Sep;13(5):777-787. PubMed PMID: 32518365
  • Ueki S, Miyabe Y, Yamamoto Y, Fukuchi M, Hirokawa M, Spencer LA, Weller PF. Charcot-Leyden Crystals in Eosinophilic Inflammation: Active Cytolysis Leads to Crystal Formation. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2019 Jun 15;19(8):35. PubMed PMID: 31203469
  • Olbrich CL, Larsen LD, Spencer LA. Methods in Molecular Biology (Vol. 2241) GM Walsh (Ed); Springer, Chapter 19, Assessing Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Intestinal tissue Eosinophils.
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