Roxanne Radi, MD
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

Department: Family Medicine


  • Lyon C, Radi R, Staff T, Nashelsky J. Clinical Inquiries: Does prophylactic azithromycin reduce the number of COPD exacerbations or hospitalizations? J Fam Pract. 2018 Jun;67(6):384-385. PMID: 29879240.
  • Khodaee M, Radi RL. A painful anal lesion. J Family Med Prim Care. 2018 Sep-Oct;7(5):1139-1140. doi: 10.4103/jfmpc.jfmpc_150_17. PMID: 30598979; PMCID: PMC6259533.
  • Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH; Reed, Alex PsyD, MPH; Lyon, Corey DO. First-line antihypertensives, still dealer's choice. Evidence-Based Practice 24(8):p 3, August 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001094
  • Ringwood, Haley MD, MPH; Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH. Testosterone and VTE: Worthy of Discussion, But Not Yet Practice Changing. Evidence-Based Practice 24(6):p 2-3, June 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001172
  • Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH; Beagle, Melissa MD, MPH; Colangelo, Henry MD, MPH. Are DOACs effective in patients with BMI >35?. Evidence-Based Practice 24(9):p 35, September 2021. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001195
  • Roberts, Chelsea MD; Bleacher, Heather MD MPH; Radi, Roxanne MD MPH. What are the nonpharmacologic methods to increase milk supply?. Evidence-Based Practice 25(3):p 29-31, March 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001358
  • Bull, Jessica MD; Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH. Anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy for stable CAD? As good as it sounds?. Evidence-Based Practice 25(1):p 5-6, January 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001329
  • Lehn, Charity MD; Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH; Lyon, Corey DO. Can you feel that? Spinal Cord Stimulation for Diabetic Neuropathy. Evidence-Based Practice 25(7):p 10-11, July 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001602
  • Olsen, George MD; Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH; Lyon, Corey DO. Early rhythm control of A. Fib. Evidence-Based Practice 25(5):p 3, May 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001435
  • Peralta, Susana DO; Radi, Roxanne MD; Lyon, Corey DO. Testosterone to prevent or treat Type 2 diabetes? Not yet. Evidence-Based Practice 25(6):p 4-5, June 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001542
  • Lyon, Corey MD; Beagle, Melissa MD, MPH; Radi, Roxanne MD, MPH. Daily vitamin D supplementation to decrease recurrence of BPPV episodes? Let's pass on it. Evidence-Based Practice 26(1):p 1, January 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001681
  • Radi, Roxanne MD MPH; Lyon, Corey DO FAAFP. Consider oral fecal microbiota transplantation for your patients with recurrent Clostridioides difficile. Evidence-Based Practice 26(1):p 2, January 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/EBP.0000000000001689
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  • University of Colorado Hospital

Specialty Information

  • Family Medicine, Board Certification

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Department: Family Medicine
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