Katy Trinkley, PharmD, PhD
Visiting Associate Professor, Family Medicine

Graduate Schools :
  • PharmD, Purdue University
  • PhD, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Department: Family Medicine

Research Interests

My research applies practical implementation science principles to 1) advance the vision of learning health systems (LHS) and 2) create innovative clinical decision support (CDS) solutions that are consistently effective and promote health equity across health systems. One of my missions is to positively change the way we think about CDS within the electronic health record by designing creative solutions that seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, are positively received by clinicians, and that ultimately optimize treatment and outcomes for patients.


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Clinical Interests
Chronic medication management

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Graduate Schools:
  • PharmD, Purdue University (0001)
  • PhD, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (0001)
Department: Family Medicine
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