Anna Engeln, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Practice, Emergency Medicine

Department: Emergency Medicine


  • Engeln A, Isoniazid Overdose. ACEP PEERCert+. Moriera M ed. 2022
  • Engeln A. Amphetamine Toxicity. ACEP PEERCert+. Moriera M ed. 2022.
  • Engeln A. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. ACEP PEERCert+. Moriera M ed. 2022.
  • Engeln A. Sexual Assault Nursing Exam/Evidence Collection. ACEP PEERCert+. Moriera M ed. 2022.
  • Broderick, KB and Engeln, AK, Psychiatric Emergencies, In: Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine 7th Edition, AB Wolfson ed.,Wolters Kluwer, 2021. P835-837.
  • Engeln, A. Emergency Medicine Module Behavioral Health. ACEP PEERCert+. Moriera, M ed. 2021
  • Broderick K, Engeln A. Hardwood and Nuss' Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine, 7th ed.Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer:c2021. Chapter166, Medical Clearance; p.835-837.
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Department: Emergency Medicine
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