Chris Filley, MD
Professor, Neurology

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Medical School:
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1979)
Undergraduate School:
  • BA, Williams College (MA) (1973)
  • University of Connecticut/Hartford Hospital Program (1980)
  • University of Colorado (University Hospital) Program, Neurology (1983)
  • Boston University School of Medicine, Behavioral Neurology (1984)
Languages: English
Department: Neurology

Professional Titles

  • Founding Director, Behavioral Neurology Section
  • Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry

Recognition & Awards

  • Fellow, American Neuropsychiatric Association (2023)
  • Best Scientists in the Field of Neuroscience ranking of #1408 in the United States and #3039 in the World, (2023)
  • Senior Guest Associate Editor for Research Topic “White Matter Dementia: Neuropathological and Neuropsychological Underpinnings and State of the Art Diagnosis Methods and Treatments,”, Frontiers in Neurology (2022)
  • World Expert in White Matter, Expertscape (2021)
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for Being Listed in a Marquis Who’s Who Publication for 20 or More Years, Who's Who (2017)
  • Service Award for 30 years of Service to the United States Government, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Department of Veterans Affairs (2017)
  • Fellow, American Neurological Association (2013)
  • Professor of Neurology, University of Colorado School of Medicine (1997)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Neurology (1995)
  • Founding Director, Behavioral Neurology Section, University of Colorado School of Medicine (1991)


  • Professor (1997)
    School of Medicine, Neurology
    Behavioral Neurology
  • Professor (1997)
    School of Medicine, Psychiatry
    Behavioral Neurology


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Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Neurology, Fellow
  • Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology, Member
  • International Neuropsychological Society, Member
  • American Neurological Association, Fellow
  • Colorado Neurological Society, Member
  • American Neuropsychiatric Association, Fellow

Practice Locations

Marcus Institute for Brain Health
12348 E Montview Blvd
Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
Aurora, CO 80045

CU Memory Disorders Clinic - Central Park
3055 Roslyn Street
Suite 120
Denver, CO 80238

Hospital Affiliation
  • University of Colorado Hospital
Center Affiliations

Specialty Information

  • Neurology, Board Certification (1984)
  • Behavioral Neurology
  • UCNS, Specialized Training (2016)
  • ABPN, Board Certification (1984)
Conditions & Treatments
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Mental Health and Behavior - Dementia
  • Mental Health and Behavior
  • Brain and Nervous System - Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Brain and Nervous System - Alzheimer's Disease
Clinical Interests
I evaluate and treat adults with any disorder that falls within in the spectrum of behavioral neurology, but the problems I see most commonly are dementia and traumatic brain injury. A unifying theme I have addressed over my career that relates to all of behavioral neurology is the contribution of white matter to human behavior, and, by implication, how disorders of white matter alter behavior.

Care Philosophy
I am a behavioral neurologist. In this capacity, I study the relationships between the brain and behavior, and use this perspective as the foundation of patient care. The disorders I evaluate and treat are some of the most complex in medicine, and I strive to bring compassion and sound clinical judgment as well as knowledge and experience to every person I encounter.

Public Speaking

General Information

Medical Schools:
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1979)
Undergraduate Schools:
  • BA, Williams College (MA) (1973)
  • University of Connecticut/Hartford Hospital Program (1980)
Residency Programs:
  • University of Colorado (University Hospital) Program, Neurology (1983)
  • Boston University School of Medicine, Behavioral Neurology (1984)
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Languages: English
Department: Neurology
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